A Level Media Studies

Entry Guidance

A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade C or better. No more than two applied courses can count towards this total and each applied course counted has the equivalence of only one GCSE, regardless of its nominal size. In addition, students must achieve the specific entry requirements which may apply to this course.

Please speak to subject leader or look on website.

Typical Syllabus Outline

AS Level Year 12

Unit G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media Candidates will complete a preliminary and a main task using Print Media and four original images:

  • Preliminary exercise - produce the front page of a new college magazine and a mock-up of the layout of the contents page.
  • Main task - the front page, contents and double page spread of a new music magazine.

Unit G322: Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)

  • Candidates will develop their textual analysis skills and understanding of representation in relation to TV dramas. They will also develop knowledge and understanding of media institutions and audiences.

A2 Level Year 13

Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio in Media Candidates will produce:

  • A media portfolio, comprising a main and ancillary texts, using Video and Print.
  • A presentation of their research, planning and evaluation in electronic format, such as a blog, podcast, DVD or Powerpoint presentation.

Unit G325: Critical Perspectives in Media

  • Candidates will evaluate their skills development over the course of their production work. They will also investigate a contemporary issue in depth, for example Global Media or Media in the Online Age.



Advanced subsidiary (AS)

  • G321 Coursework (50% of AS)
  • G322 Two hour examination (50% of AS)

Advanced (A2)

  • G324 Coursework (50% of A2)
  • G325 Two hour examination (50% of A2)