All students within the Sixth Form will be supported through a programme of Careers Advice and Guidance.

We recognise that you will need careful support and specialist information to enable positive progress through the complex issue of pathway choice and personal progression.

As part of the process of application and entry to any of the centres working within the Sixth Form, you will be seen individually on several occasions through their Year 11 so that the choices which you make are relevant and appropriate to both your academic ability level and your personal qualities.

Once you have enrolled in their individual Sixth Form course, you will become part of the Core Entitlement programme, which will have Careers Education, Information and Guidance as an integral part of your weekly entitlement.

For Year 12 students, the focus will be on choosing your progression route at the end of that academic year. For some, it will be into the world of work, and work experience will be a valuable part of this plan. For others, you will look to completing the second stage of your chosen course, so you will then be able to look at Higher Education or Higher level entry into employment.

The Sixth Form will work closely with the local relevant agencies to support all our students in career planning and applications.

Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance and Provider Access.

Copies of the Academy polices and Careers Contacts can be obtained from the individual academy websites here.