Dress Code

We believe the time students spends at an Delta Post 16 Centre should prepare them for the world of work. As part of this, all students wear ‘Business Dress’ whenever they are in the Academy. We ask that students wear Business Dress with pride and act as a role model for younger students within the Academy.

The expectations are outlined below and any student who fails to meet these standards is at risk of disciplinary action.

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the boundaries of acceptable business dress and presentation. In all cases the judgement of the Principal/Director of Post 16 will be final on matters of acceptable dress and presentation. Students should consult with the Principal before having a facial piercing or wearing an item of clothing about which they are unclear as to its suitability.

If any student is unsure about any item of clothing, they are to keep the receipt and bring the item(s) into the Academy to have it checked by the Principal/Director of Post 16 as to its suitability.

All Students

  • Black Sixth Form ID key card and lanyard (compulsory for safeguarding purposes)
  • Jumper/Cardigan: (optional) V neck

Option 1:

  • Smart suit: Jacket and trousers of the same colour
  • Smart Jacket & Trousers: Blazer and Chino
  • Shirt: Smart with collar and tie of choice (Tie must be worn with shirt collar fastened and tie length to reach the top of trousers/belt)
  • Shoes: Smart plain flat or low heeled shoes (No pumps / trainers / flip flops)

Option 2:

  • Smart suit:  Jacket with trousers, skirt or dress
  • Blouse: Appropriate blouse or top with sleeves (not low cut)
  • Shoes: Smart shoes with heels up to 1½ inches (Smart boots are allowed not UGG type boots)


Apprenticeship & College Students

Students should adhere to the dress code of the College or Apprenticeship Provider on the days they are timetabled there.

Internships & Work Experience

Students should adhere to the dress code of the employer on the days they are timetabled there.

Specialist Courses

  • PE, Sport & Performing Arts – Academy Sports, Dance & Expressive Arts Kit.
  • Motor Vehicle, Construction, Electrics, Plumbing &  – Polo Shirts and Overalls
  • Hair & Beauty - Tunics

All Students

  • No visible tattoos or body piercings
  • No Jeans, denim or clothing that looks like denim.
  • No Sportswear, hoodies or tracksuit bottoms (with the exception of academy sports kit)
  • No unnatural hair colour
  • No flamboyant jewellery
  • No leggings
  • No Sandals or shoes/boots with open toes, for health and safety reasons
  • No Shorts