Students at C6 will have a wealth of opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities. The following are only a selection of those which already exist. Further ones are likely to develop when the links between the centres open further opportunities for students.

Internships and Work Experience

Students have the opportunity for a Work Experience Internship placment.  These are organised for students through our partenrships with:

National Citizenship Service

Students can gain valuable life skils, experience and help within their local community by engaging with the NCS, details can be found here

Travel opportunities

Paris trip, SCUBA Diving in Turkey, Morocco Expedition, Outdoor activities in lake District, Field trip to Wales, Berlin Trip, Theatre Visits, Go Ape and Xscape


Archery, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Skiing, Snowboarding, Dance, Music, Drama, Film club and Gig club


Student Leadership, Sixth Form Council, Fund-raising and Mentoring,