Student Support

The Sixth Form is committed to supporting all students in the development of their wider personal needs.

Core Entitlement is the term used to describe the additional areas of the curriculum which students will be able to access at their home centre, in order to support their studies and personal development.

The Core Entitlement Programme will be delivered in sessions on Mondays and Fridays to enable delivery of the sessions within each school at the same time, to make the best use of available staff, and to allow students from across the Sixth Form to work together across the schools.

The purpose of the Core Entitlement Programme is to complement and support the academic provision of the Doncaster Partnership schools. This will again reinforce the ethos of “Together we are stronger” and in this way enable all students to benefit from the additional support and opportunities which they will receive.

Personal tutor

Students would have personal tutoring to enable their academic progress to be monitored and supported. Students would also be able to be supported through any personal issues they might encounter during the time of their course.


Our guidance, including application for employment, apprenticeships and University would also be part of the personal development programme.


Sporting opportunities would be available between the different providers as part of a planned programme of extended opportunities.

Academic Study Support

Sessions designed to support students to achieve to the best of their ability will again form part of the programme.

Climate for Learning and Directed Study

Each half term reports and letters will go home to parents indicating what reward or intervention has been issued for each student.  Students who are rewarded to take their study time at home, can still come into the Sixth Form to study if they wish and parents should arrange this with the Sixth Form Team.  Otherwise students are choose to free when and where they take their directed study.

Unlike most Sixth Forms we encourage students to be in the academy 5 days a week, but as part of our process of transitioning students to Higher Education, Apprenticeships or Employment we reward students who are doing well and encourage them to be more independent.

Parents and students can request for their child to still study in the Sixth Form and should arrange this with the Sixth Form team at their home campus.