There are special rates for students when it comes to travel; information about discounted bus passes is available from your local TIC office.

16-19 Travel Pass and Local Authority Travel

Students who wish to apply for travel support should create an account with MyTSY here.  All applications are now administered online and student codes are no longer issues.  All students qualify for the 16-19 Student Travel Pass and can apply for this here

Campus Connect Shuttle Service

The Sixth Form is committed to helping students in the Partnership access the new broad range of learning opportunities at the different academies. A decision was taken to provide a transport system to link the academies more closely, enabling students to access the different centres more easily than could be done by public transport. With the ending of the EMA to support student transport costs, we feel this is a positive support to enable wider student choice.

These plans have now been put into place. A local transport provider, Wilfreda Beehive has created a bespoke transport system which allows all students within the Partnership to access the specific course at the centre of excellence which offers that particular course. In addition, local business leaders are keen to be involved with this project. They are supporting the Partnership by looking at additional transport solutions which link these communities for both working people and students so that an environmentally friendly solution is found for a geographical transport issue.

We are constantly reviewing the transport provision within the Partnership as the needs of the students evolve and the nature of the partnership changes.

Should your child miss the shuttle service, they can find alternative routes on public transport here

Provisional Timetables have been issued to students during Induction Week. These are subject to change.